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Small Bore

590 Feuz Road
Rotterdam, NY 12306

Tel:  518.356.7273


"Promoting safe participation in the firearms, archery and the shooting sports since 1924"

Outdoor firearm ranges – other than clay bird

Be safe: if multiple ranges are in use, all ranges should be in a “clear” condition before going down range to change targets. That includes trap and skeet.

The handgun outdoor range is for members only, no guests allowed.

All rifles and shotguns with slugs must be fired through the blockhouse.

Use the target frames provided, attach your target so you don't shoot up the frame, and put them away when done. Paper targets only unless approved by the Chief Range Officer.

The smallbore range (under the baffles) is for smallbore 22 only!

Available 8:00 am to dusk.

General rules – all ranges

All firearms must be unloaded except when actually on the firing line or position. This is known as a cold range policy.

All firearms must be kept pointed in a safe direction at all times. Handle all firearms as if loaded.

Be safe: eye and ear protection required on all firearm ranges, including on-range spectators (indoor range).

Orders of a range officer must be obeyed – they are not open for debate.

Hours of use: Regardless of normal hours of use of the facility, do not shoot on any range unless you can clearly see the background as well as the target. Dawn and Dusk are the ends of safe shooting light outdoors.

Sign-in: Everyone shooting must sign in with their name, firearm type or archery range, and any other requested information.

Special rules may be posted at the range, read and obey them.