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May 2015

This chart shows the historical number of National Instant Criminal Background System (NICS) Checks initiated by New Yorkers each month of April since 1999.

The April 2015 NICS Checks of 26,818 is the third highest April total in 17 years. Although the April 2015 raw number is lower than April 2013 and 2014, the overall trend is clear: there has been a larger volume in NICS checks since 2013, when the SAFE Act was enacted, as opposed to pre-SAFE Act.

Passage of the so-called SAFE Act, (commonly known as the UNSAFE Act), appears to have had a wholly unintended effect: it has further strengthened New Yorkers' resolve to defend and exert their Second Amendment rights. Every month, thousands more New Yorkers reject the failed law, and exercise their Second Amendment Rights through likely firearms purchases, expanding firearms ownership throughout the state.

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