590 Feuz Road
Rotterdam, NY 12306

Tel:  518.356.7273


E-mail the webmaster.

This is a COLD Club

No loaded firearms are allowed on the property unless you are on the firing line. No exceptions regardless of permit status.

The next Regular Member Meeting will be September 19 at 7:30 pm.

Outdoor Rifle Range is Open as of April 9

The outdoor rifle range is open as of April 9, 2017. All high power rifles must be shot through the block house only. The 50 yard and 100 range is for only 22 rim fire and the targets must be at 50 or 100 yards only.

Please send all correspondence to:

PO Box 4220
Schenectady, NY 12304

"Promoting safe participation in the firearms, archery and the shooting sports since 1924"

​​Outdoor Pistol Range is Open as of April 15

The Outdoor Pistol Range is now open! If this is the first time using the outdoor pistol range, you must first take a course with Bruce, Lisa, Bob, Ron or Tom ONLY. There are NO guests allowed on this range.

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