590 Feuz Road
Rotterdam, NY 12306

Tel:  518.356.7273


"Promoting safe participation in the firearms, archery and the shooting sports since 1924"

Mohawk Pest Control
The club would like to thank Jeff for your professional services donated to the club in the garage and trap field.

This is a COLD Club

No loaded firearms are allowed on the property unless you are on the firing line. No exceptions regardless of permit status.

The next Regular Member Meeting will be December 18 at 7:30 pm.

Open Trap Shooting For Members

and Non-Members

There is open trap shooting for both members and non members every Sunday morning starting at 9:00 am. The outdoor pistol range is closed during trap.

​​​​​Outdoor Pistol Range and Outdoor Rifle Range

are both OPEN as of April 4, 2018

The outdoor pistol range is now open! If this is the first time using the outdoor pistol range, you must first take a course with Bruce, Lisa, Bob, Ron or Tom ONLY. There are NO guests allowed on this range. The outdoor pistol range is closed during trap.

The outdoor rifle range is open. All high power rifles must be shot through the block house only. The 50 yard and 100 range is for only 22 rim fire and the targets must be at 50 or 100 yards only.

Please drive 10 mph going in and out of the club in respect to neighbors with children and pets.

Please send all correspondence to:

PO Box 4220
Schenectady, NY 12304

A big THANK YOU to these guys!
Lead clean up workers:  Doug Blacklock, Jim Retajczyk, Bob Todt, Dan Bartholomew, Mark Krajewski, Tom Solomon, Steve Smith and Ted Helveston.

Iroquois members doing the hard work to keep the membership safe.

Contact Information Update

If you are already a member and need to update your contact information, or if you are not a member and have any questions or need information, please e-mail:  membership.iroquois@gmail.com.

For questions about membership or for a current member to change information, please e-mail


​The website is for reference only. The content is subject to change. Club Rules and Calendar of Events are posted at the Club. E-mail the webmaster if there are any corrections to be made to the website.

Fall Gun Raffle Winners!

Congratulations to the Winners and THANK YOU to everyone who bought a ticket! 

Nov. 1 - 090        Nov. 11 - 765
Nov. 2 - 265        Nov. 12 - 698
Nov. 3 - 882        Nov. 13 - 589 
Nov. 4 - 493        Nov. 14 - 020
Nov. 5 - 643        Nov. 15 - 533

Nov. 6 - 309        Nov. 16 - 430
Nov. 7 - 581 
Nov. 8 - 146 
Nov. 9 - 547 
Nov. 10 - 755 

There are four $800 prizes and a 2018 Polaris 450, just to name a few! Here is the full prize list.